Steven Mnuchin Receives The Perfect Christmas Gift With Help From Bomb Squad


A gift-wrapped box containing a a “pretty good quantity” of horse manure was delivered yesterday to one of Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s Bel Air neighbors. Rather than having one of his expendable Hispanic pool boys open it, Mnuchin summoned the Secret Service and LAPD bomb squad, who quickly identified the substance by its aroma. Here they are at work, as seen from above by a news helicopter:

Their subsequent search for a Christmas pony at Mnuchin’s insistence turned up nothing.

Inside the box was also a nice card, which reportedly contained criticism of Trump’s tax plan signed into law last Friday.

Perhaps Mnuchin had underlings like his housekeepers and underpaid public servants in mind when he tweeted this after the law passed:

So far, Mnuchin has remained mum on the event. Could it be that he sees the irony behind receiving a load of crap after helping and the praising his boss for delivering $1.5 trillion of it to the American people in the form of federal debt? No. Any clueless multimillionaire who poses with his trophy, money-grubbing wife with the first batch of currency bearing his name on it thinks irony is what his Asian seamstress does for minimum wage in his basement.

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Featured image via screen capture.

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