‘Stop Lying’: Activist Calls Out ‘Judge’ Jeanine Pirro Over Her Blatant Lies


Since being honest isn’t a requirement for employment at Fox News, it’s not surprising that former judge Jeanine Pirro has her own show on the so-called “news” network. Pirro’s show only airs once a week, but she also makes the rounds on other Fox broadcasts whenever they need a person who pretends to understand the law for a comment.

Friday morning, Pirro showed up on Fox & Friends, which is reportedly Donald Trump’s favorite television show. The topic was a ruling by a federal judge regarding Black Lives Matter. Specifically, it was about a protest which took place in Baton Rouge in June of 2016 after two police officers fatally shot Alton Brown as they had him pinned him to the ground.

One of the approximately 100 people arrested at the Baton Rouge protest was Deray McKesson, who is active in the BLM movement for racial equality in the United States. McKesson was freed 16 hours after he was taken into custody.

But as a result of the protest in Louisiana, a police officer sued both Black Lives Matter and McKesson, alleging that he lost several teeth when something thrown by a protester struck him in the mouth. On Thursday, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying that BLM, much like the Tea Party, is a movement, and cannot be sued. That same judge also ruled that McKesson had played no part in any violence and had been “solely engaged in protected speech.”

That led Pirro to say how outraged she was, and to accuse McKesson of “directing people, directing the violence” in Baton Rouge. She then added:

“What is wrong with this country today?”

While she was at it, Pirro also made sure to note that the judge who dismissed the lawsuit was an Obama appointee, as if that matters in the least. Hey, at least he’s still a judge, unlike the bullhorn-voiced Ms. Pirro.

McKesson made sure to inform Pirro (and social media) that he wasn’t about to let her get away with spreading outright falsehoods, tweeting out:

Stop lying? A Fox on-air host? They’d have to stop breathing first.

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