Students ‘Accidently’ Shot In University Gun Safety Class


According to police, two Utah Valley University students were injured in an “accidental” shooting just before their gun safety class began.

















The 23-year-old unintentional shooter went to the first day of his firearms training class early, then shot a 25-year-old classmate while showing off his new handgun. The bullet grazed the victim’s chest and he underwent surgery.

The Associated Press reports:

Utah Valley University spokeswoman Melinda Colton says one student was showing a handgun to another student Monday evening when it accidentally fired, striking both of them.

Colton says one student was shot in the hand and the other was shot in the arm.

Neither injury was life-threatening. One student was treated at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital.

Colton says the class was part of the police academy on campus and the two students were police cadets.

So, the two police cadets shot themselves/each other at the gun safety class. Or something.

Lt. Craig Martinez said one cadet thought his weapon was not loaded because there was no magazine in it so he pulled the trigger to take it apart.

The gun fired a round that grazed the chest of the friend, who was taken to a hospital for minor surgery, according to Martinez.

As for the other victim, there is no mention of how he was Second Amendmented.

Colton said that students are allowed to bring their own guns to class but they’re supposed to be unloaded.

UVU released a statement regarding the incident.

“While accidental in nature, this is clearly disconcerting to us — the safety of our students is our top priority and concern,” UVU officials wrote. “The incident is currently under investigation by the Orem Police Department to determine how this protocol was breached. UVU has been a satellite academy since 1996 and has never experienced a safety incident of this nature previously. If the investigation yields information that could make the program safer, we are committed to precisely that.”

Orem police are investigating the incident, which should be a learning experience for the cadets. As of now, no charges have been filed.

Another learning experience for the students, who thankfully didn’t shoot their dicks off or die, is to be sure the chamber is clear.

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