Students With Trump Sign Shout ‘White Power’ At Pennsylvania School (VIDEO)


It wouldn’t take a genius to understand that Trump’s hate-filled campaign would unleash the worst racist’s instincts should he get elected.

And since he, sadly, got elected, we already started witnessing the results of his – and his supporters’- virulent campaign.

Already on Wednesday Sandra Thompson, York NAACP President said:

Students of the York Vo-Tech are being spat on, attacked, and called names because of their race or perceived Immigrant status.


The “Parents of York County School of Technology Students” confirmed the reports on their Facebook page and added that the news of Trump’s election had been received with chants cheering to “white power.” They also notified of episodes where non-white students had been called “slaves” by Trump’s supporters.


A video of the incident was captured on video.



These are not isolated cases. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory similar attacks happened in Minnesota, where at the Maple Grove High School graffitis calling for “white America,” and “F*ck all porch monkeys” appeared in the building. So much that some students declared they do not feel safe going to school in this climate.

In Michigan, Trump supporting students chanted “build the wall” directed against their Mexican classmates, some of whom ended up in tears.

In Philadelphia, swastikas appeared on several buildings around the city.

And the list is getting longer by the day. Similar stories popped up from New Mexico to Massachusset, from San Jose to Rochester, from Lousiana to North Carolina.

Trump’s discriminatory and Islamophobic rhetoric has created an environment where many Muslim women do not feel safe anymore in wearing their hijab in public.

They reported their concerns on Twitter:

Months and months of racist speeches during the Trump’s campaign have left a mark and created a society where people who used to live peacefully with each other are becoming afraid to walk the same streets they used to walk down before Trump joined the Presidential race.

So, can Trump or his supporters explain how attacking Muslims, Mexicans, painting swastikas, singing “build the wall,” spitting on other students and calling them “slaves” is making America great again?

No, they cannot explain it. Because there is nothing great in what we are witnessing after Trump’s election.

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