Supporter Threatens To ‘Personally’ Harm Trump If He Doesn’t Build A Wall (VIDEO)


A man claiming to support reality show star-turned-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tells Glenn Beck that if President Trump fails to deliver on his promise of building a wall along the Mexican border, he “personally” will have “people like me coming after him.”

Beck, whose delusional rants in the Fox News 5 PM slot helped suffuse the Tea Party phenomenon with latter-day updates of John Birch Society conspiracy theories, tried to clarify the caller’s meaning.

That’s when ‘Nate in Virginia’ threw Beck’s history of inspiring violence right in his face.

Watch, h/t Winning Democrats:

My rough transcript:

NATE IN VIRGINIA: As far as I’m concerned, as long as he does the basic things, the foundational things such as build a wall, he’s not gonna have people like me coming after him. Because if he doesn’t we’ll be upset.

GLENN BECK: So if he doesn’t buld a wall in china, then he’s in trouble. It’s the wall that is your line?

NATE IN VIRGINIA: You don’t even understand the backlash of us, the ones who are so frustrated and angry and tired of all the political stuff. We’re going to come after him personally. You know what I mean? We’re going to get him. Don’t worry.

GLENN BECK: I don’t know what you mean. Hang on. What does that mean? Impeach him?

NATE IN VIRGINIA: Um, you know the most peaceful way that you can get rid of a president?

GLENN BECK: Is impeach him.


GLENN BECK: Ok, you’re not — there’s not violence when you say that you’re coming after him personally?

NATE IN VIRGINIA: Hey, you yourself have said that you condone violence in the past, haven’t you?

‘Nate in Virginia’ has a point. Beck’s obsessive tirades against George Soros and the Tides Foundation inspired an avid fan named Byron Beckwith to plan an attack on their office. When California Highway Patrol officers stopped him, Beckwith started a massive firefight.

And then there is Beck’s infamous 2011 rant about former White House adviser Van Jones, another Beck obsession, and other Democrats interested in green jobs. “They believe in communism. They believe and have called for a revolution. You’re going to have to shoot them in the head. But warning, they may shoot you.” he said of “spooky progressives.”

Now playing a more wizened role, Beck pretends he has no idea how people like ‘Nate in Virginia’ got stirred up in the first place. Gee, who made them so crazy with chalkboards full of disinformation, weird rallies on the National Mall, and borderline behavior on camera? It’s such a mystery!

“If he doesn’t come through for us, he’s gonna have bigger problems,” Nate finishes, whereupon Beck decides that the caller must be one of those evil, dreaded, bullet-worthy Democratic party leaders he was blithering about five years ago. “Thank you for one of the spookiest calls I’ve ever received,” he says, ever immune to irony.

‘Nate in Virginia’ is also not wrong that Donald Trump has succeeded thus far by riding a wave of ugly, reactionary politics that Glenn Beck helped to create in his Fox News heyday. And he’s not wrong that, if a President Trump (shudder) fails to follow through on his grandiose promises, some of the lunatics who attend his rallies will react to their disillusionment with anger.

So it’s really rich to see Glenn Beck calling out Nate’s eliminationist speech when he’s said more than his fair share, yet there’s also a warning here for anyone who thinks Donald Trump isn’t really serious. Even if nobody else thinks that Trump will ever really build that wall, his constituency will do their very best to hold him “personally” accountable.

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