SURPRISE: Trump Donation Site May Be Scamming Credit Card Donors (TWEETS)


Disillusioned Trump voters say the campaign’s donation site will not let them cancel their automatic monthly credit card payments.

As New Yorkers say, fugheddaboutit. You can’t stop it. Well, not as of this writing. Just ask the Trump supporter who contacted Jeremy Diamond, the CNN reporter covering the Trump campaign in Washington, D.

Diamond received an email from a disenchanted Trump supporter asking for help, which he later posted on his Twitter page:

After seeing Diamond’s tweet, Mic investigated and confirmed the dilemma. There was no easy option to cancel on Trump’s donation site.

Setting up their own recurring donation of $1 at the site, Mic found no button or other obvious way to cancel payments or remove a credit card from the system. Not on the homepage, the “update card” page, or in the donor’s contribution confirmation email. Once a donor registers with his/her card, the only thing possible is to update the information with another valid credit card. Even the donor’s email confirmation mentions no reference on how to cancel payments. Donors can hit an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email, but it doesn’t delete their credit card account at the donations page.

Mic also made a $1 recurring contribution at the Democratic donation website. Unlike the message from Trump’s campaign, the Clinton donor confirmation email acknowledges that you’ve made a recurring donation and warns you to expect a monthly charge. If you go to Clinton’s campaign site, there’s also an accessible option to remove your card from the donation site. Clicking this button immediately halts your donations, a campaign representative confirmed in an email to Mic.

In a nutshell: If you really want to cancel your campaign donations to Donald Trump, cancel your credit card, or call your card provider to contest the charges.

The rules of the Federal Election Commission are ambiguous about automatic recurring campaign contributions, said FEC spokesperson Christian Hilland.

“Our regulations do not speak specifically to that issue,” he said. The only way problems with recurring donations would trigger an investigation, was if the total added up to more than the federally mandated maximum donation of $2,700.

Are credit card donors to the Donald Trump campaign getting scammed? Maybe.

Could this be one of the ways Donald Trump made his “billions?” Could be.

Like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, I’m also a New Yorker: I know a con when I see one.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr. 

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