Swimming While Black: Homeowners Defend Texas Cop Who Brutalized Black Teens At Pool Party


Following a video uploaded on YouTube, officer Eric Casebolt in McKinney, Texas, was suspended from duties after being filmed aggressively handcuffing, and then pulling a gun on a group of black teens following a local pool party on Friday night. That video quickly went viral.

After the black teenagers attending a pool party received brutal treatment at the hands of a police officer, residents of the neighborhood are defending the officer’s conduct.

In addition, the community pool also put up a sign thanking the officers:

















Homeowner in support of the officer's actions refuses to allow her face to be shown on camera
Homeowner in support of the officer’s actions refuses to allow her face to be shown on camera













Think Progress reports:

But a reporter for Fox4 in Dallas, Zahid Arab, interviewed local homeowners who witnessed the incident and defended the officers’ conduct. These homeowners, according to Arab, say they believe the “officers’ safety was at risk.”

One of these homeowners appeared on camera, but allowed only her hands to be filmed. “I feel absolutely horrible for the police and what’s going on… they were completely outnumbered and they were just doing the right thing when these kids were fleeing and using profanity and threatening security guards,” she said.
















The calls to police began after an incident with an adult white woman hurling racial slurs took place.

All of Casebolt’s social media accounts have been deleted.  On LinkedIn he said that he is responsible for line officer supervision, neighborhood patrol and community policing, among other job responsibilities. He is also a police academy instructor, according to Heavy.com.

His YouTube account has been made private but not before a screen grab was taken. One of the videos is titled, “Chief tells the TRUTH that black people do not want to hear.”

Casebolt was named the department’s Officer of the Year in 2008.

Meanwhile, this guy is going all Second Amendment on Twitter.

We would like to know how that girl in a bikini was a danger to police.

When Open Carry Texas’ white leader trespassed on private property while armed, the police arrived. C.J. Grisham told the police to stand down and they did. One officer has his hands up in the air.

See the difference?

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