Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Two Former Republican Presidents Rip That ‘Blowhard’ Trump To Pieces

Everyone thinks Trump is a f*cking moron.

From Russia With Lies: Hacked DNC Emails Were Also ‘Edited’

No wonder Trump 'loves WikiLeaks.'

Twitter, Facebook Delete Evidence Of Russian Electioneering

Both companies cite "privacy policy" but they're really just dodging accountability.

Hillary’s Latest Book On Pace To Outsell ‘The Art Of The...

Prepare for a full-fledged conniption fit from President Trump when he hears the news that his beloved The Art of the Deal is about...

Former Trump Official: ‘Facebook Won The Election For Us’ (VIDEO)

Former Trump digital campaign official Theresa Wong gave BBC a very out and proud tour of the campaign's digital operations center, now empty. In...

Russian TV Host Savages Trump: ‘Why Did We Elect Such A...

Even on Russian television, the hosts admit that Putin helped elect Trump.