Friday, January 19, 2018
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Shady Roy Moore Ads Prove Facebook Cannot Fix Political Dark Money

He's too busy selling them ads to reign the problem in.

Reporters Must Ask Roy Moore How He Received His First Judge’s...

Was it the woman Moore now says he never knew and never met?

A Woman Who Dated Roy Moore At 17 Has Just Found...

Moore says he never met her but that isn't true.

Paranoid Roy Moore Heckled During Bizarre Campaign Event At A Baptist...

'The entire town? Are all the girls lying?'

Roy Moore’s Comms Director Just Quit And His Campaign Is Collapsing

If this is how he runs a campaign, imagine how he might run a Senate office.

Roy Moore Finds A Safe Space To Bluff, Threaten His Accusers...

Because there weren't enough reporters at his press conference yesterday.