Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Right-Wing Columnist Confused By Questioning Of Trump’s Racist Comment: He ‘BRAGGED...

Don't underestimate Trump: He says what he means, even if it sounds crazy.

Trump Is Now Denying The Words We Can Hear In This...

Lordy, there's a tape.

GOP Rep. Mia Love Suddenly Mad About Trump’s Racism Now That...

Weird that she didn't have a problem with Trump's racism before this, huh?

Chilling Video Shows Terrified Hawaiians Hiding Their Kids In Storm Drains...

While Trump golfed, Americans in Hawaii dealt with pure terror.

It Sure Does Look Like The Doctor’s Note On Trump’s Health...

Unless the good doctor forgot how to spell his own name.

Trump Somehow Thought That Only Black People Were On Welfare

But he's a 'genius.' Just ask him.