Friday, November 24, 2017
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Trump Says Doug Jones, Who Convicted KKK Bombers, Is ‘Terrible On...

But accused child molester Roy Moore would be totally swell.

Alabama Police Chief Suspended For ‘Joking’ About Roy Moore’s Sexual Assault...

Chief Bryan Hammond does not seem to have learned his lesson, though.

Yes, Democrat Doug Jones Can Actually Win In Alabama

Do not underestimate him.

WATCH: Alabama Lawmaker Literally Runs From Reporter Asking If He Believes...

Is there a doctor in the house? He seems to be missing a spine.

Alabama Lawmaker Supports Alleged Violent Pedophile Over A Democrat, Because Abortion

The GOP has become the party of creepy old guys.

Republican Senator Says He’ll Support The Democratic Candidate Against Roy Moore

In a race that was neck-and-neck, the Democratic candidate is receiving some endorsements from disgusted Republicans.

Alabama Senate Race A Toss-Up, New Poll Finds

It shouldn't even come close but it's 2017 and nothing matters anymore.

Roy Moore Makes Dumbest Excuses Ever For Not Debating Doug Jones

Beneath all his bluster, Roy Moore is just a coward avoiding responsibility for his own words.

Shock Poll Says Democrat Doug Jones Really Can Win A Senate...

A Fox News poll released yesterday evening shows Democrat Doug Jones running neck-and-neck with culture warrior Roy Moore.

Roy Moore Has A Conspiracy Theory To Explain His Russian Twitter...

Because no matter what happens or what he does, Roy Moore is always, always the victim.
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