Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Rush Limbaugh Somehow Blames Mass Shootings On Day Care And Hillary...

This is what you call a swing and a miss.

Trump In China: It’s 3:00 A.M. There And Trump Is Bragging...

Yeah, this totally isn't crazy at all.

Two Former Republican Presidents Rip That ‘Blowhard’ Trump To Pieces

Everyone thinks Trump is a f*cking moron.

From Russia With Lies: Hacked DNC Emails Were Also ‘Edited’

No wonder Trump 'loves WikiLeaks.'

Primary Error: Donna Brazile Mixed Up Two Different Clinton-DNC Agreements

After reopening 2016 Democratic primary wounds yesterday, Brazile needs to fix her errors and admit she got her facts wrong.

New Poll Shows Trump Supporters Are Totally Okay With Trump If...

There are now two Americas: one in which treason is a crime, and another in which treason is a conspiracy theory.
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