Saturday, March 17, 2018
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‘Witch Hunt’: Hannity Calls For Charges Against Manafort And Flynn To...

How does he breathe with his head stuck up Trump's massive ass?

Michael Flynn’s Family Asks Trump To Pardon Him

Oh, this would go over really well.

Mike Pence Is Either A F-cking Idiot Or He’s Lying About...

Pence had to know that Flynn lied to the FBI, not just to him.

‘Fake News!’: James Comey Is A Liar And I Never Did...

Someone woke up grumpy this morning.

Trump Lashes Out At Department Of Justice, Defends Mike Flynn, Whines...

You're losing your sh-t, Mr. Trump.

Trump Just Accidentally Admitted To Obstruction Of Justice; This Is Huge

Trump just made Mr. Mueller's case a lot easier.

Staffers Are Begging Trump Not To Tweet About Michael Flynn’s Guilty...

You know you want to, Mr. Trump.