Monday, December 18, 2017
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Mike Pence Is Either A F-cking Idiot Or He’s Lying About...

Pence had to know that Flynn lied to the FBI, not just to him.

‘Fake News!’: James Comey Is A Liar And I Never Did...

Someone woke up grumpy this morning.

Trump Lashes Out At Department Of Justice, Defends Mike Flynn, Whines...

You're losing your sh-t, Mr. Trump.

Trump Just Accidentally Admitted To Obstruction Of Justice; This Is Huge

Trump just made Mr. Mueller's case a lot easier.

Staffers Are Begging Trump Not To Tweet About Michael Flynn’s Guilty...

You know you want to, Mr. Trump.

WATCH: The U.S. Attorney Trump Fired Is Having The Last Laugh...

Get ready, White House squatters - it's time to iron those orange jumpsuits. LOCK THEM UP!