Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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School Says You Have To Call Someone A N****r Or Beat...

If it was YOUR kid, you would demand a change.

GOP VA Gubernatorial Candidate Calls Northern Virginia ‘Enemy Territory’

No one is shocked that Trump supports this guy for governor.

Trump Calls Slavery ‘Our Heritage’ In An Early Morning Tweet Supporting...

Everyone welcome Trump's new champion of slavery, Ed Gillespie!

Racist Teacher Proves Trump’s America Gets Worse Every Single Day

In Charlotte, North Carolina racism is alive and well and apparently thriving in the classroom. With a population over 2.5 million people and a...

America’s Biggest Racist Doesn’t Want Police Reform – So He Rolled...

It's not a contest you want to see, but one man proves his racist tendencies over and over.

Racist City On The Map AGAIN, This Time For Laughing At...

Memes about killing protesters are HILARIOUS, right?