Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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America’s Biggest Racist Doesn’t Want Police Reform – So He Rolled...

It's not a contest you want to see, but one man proves his racist tendencies over and over.

Racist City On The Map AGAIN, This Time For Laughing At...

Memes about killing protesters are HILARIOUS, right?

Two Of The Biggest Kooks On The Right Are Spreading Racist...

Every time I see Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson, I want to ask them if it hurts to be as stupid as they are....

Trump STILL Hasn’t Accepted Offer Of Hurricane Relief Help From Mexico

Mexico has extended a hand in aid, and Trump has not reached out and grabbed it.

Trump Admitted The Real Reason For The Timing Of Arpaio’s Pardon,...

During a hurricane is not the time for a high-profile pardon.

Trump Retweets Another Anti-Obama Meme, This Time From Alt-Right Troll

Trump just can't stop accidentally praising the Alt-Right while he "condemns" hate groups.

Screamy Ragey Nazi Falls Right On His A** During Rant (VIDEO)

These Nazi idiots remind me of my favorite German word, and I don't mean sauerkraut.

Trump Staffers Admit He’s Always Supported Alt-Right Nazis In Private

There is no excuse any longer. If you still support Donald Trump, you support the Alt-Right just like he does.

TOTALLY Not Racist Trump Lawyer: Check Out All These Pics Of...

Being a Jew and having ten black "friends" does not exempt you from being a racist. Stop supporting Trump and your statement may be more believable.

America’s Most Hated Sheriff May Be Pardoned By World’s Most Hated...

Because of COURSE Trump thinks Arpaio is being treated unfairly.
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