Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Cybersecurity Firm Says Kremlin Hackers Have Targeted The US Senate

Vladimir Putin is still at war against American democracy and Trump is still helping him.

An Increasingly Paranoid Donald Trump Targets Rod Rosenstein As ‘A Threat...

This is a soap opera, not a presidency.

Trump Lashes Out At Department Of Justice, Defends Mike Flynn, Whines...

You're losing your sh-t, Mr. Trump.

Preet Bharara Breaks The Internet By Comparing Trump To Jan Brady...

But even Jan Brady would have made a better President.

Trump’s Own CIA Director Says He’s Full Of Sh*t, I ‘Stand...

Trump didn't just launch a war against Intelligence agencies. He launched one against intelligence. 

Trump Gives Insane Statement On Putin, Worries Intelligence Agencies Are ‘Insulting’...

Trump just sucked up to Putin so hard, he almost started talking in Russian.