Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Trump Is Rage-Tweeting From Mar-a-Lago After Watching Oprah On ’60 Minutes’

Someone please take his cell phone away and duct tape his tiny fingers. Please!

Trump Brags On Twitter About New Poll — That Shows The...

Stupid doesn't even begin to describe this guy.

Trolls Called Out For Lying About Being Attacked By Black People...

Twitter needs to ban the racist trolls

Twitter Rips Eric Trump A New One For Tweet Of Daddy...

The entire family is composed of douchebags.

Pelosi Unearths Old Trump Tweet Vowing To Not Cut Medicare, And...

It's almost as if he's a liar.

Trump Supporters Lose Their Sh*t Over Unveiling Of Obama Portrait

Poor little fascist Trumpkins! They got their fee fees hurt.