Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Cybersecurity Firm Says Kremlin Hackers Have Targeted The US Senate

Vladimir Putin is still at war against American democracy and Trump is still helping him.

Reporters Must Ask Roy Moore How He Received His First Judge’s...

Was it the woman Moore now says he never knew and never met?

Roy Moore’s Comms Director Just Quit And His Campaign Is Collapsing

If this is how he runs a campaign, imagine how he might run a Senate office.

Roy Moore Campaign Calls Son’s NINTH Arrest A ‘Cheap Political Trick’

Caleb Moore, son of the US Senate candidate and former state supreme court chief justice who makes up his own laws, has been arrested for the ninth time.

Brave, Anonymous GOP Senators Tell Jake Tapper To Tell Trump ‘Leave...

Three Republican senators told CNN's Jake Tapper to tell Donald Trump how mad they are about his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but...

The Gorsuch Filibuster Is Happening: Sen. Chris Coons Makes 41

Democrats now have enough votes to filibuster the nomination of Neil Gorsuch after Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware became the 41st to oppose cloture, forcing a...