Tea Nut Announces: ‘The Tea Party Is Taking Martin Luther King Away From The Liberal Left’


Speaker “Wild Bill” Finley got a big round of applause at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention on Sunday by declaring that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been a tea partier.


The Tea Party, a movement with heroes such as Cliven Bundy (R-Moocher) and Ted Nugent (R-Pants Shitter), haw tried to claim MLK as one of their own in the past, which is pretty amusing since King was critical of income inequality, among other things the Tea Party supports.

According to Talking Points Memo, Finley told the crowd that the left has “hijacked” King’s dream and that racism would have died out long ago if it wasn’t “manufactured” by liberals.

He said MLK, who worked closely with socialist and anti-capitalist civil rights activists throughout his career, would not abide the left’s “political agenda.” Finley said that if King were alive today the left would “spit in his face.”

“We are the people who practice Dr. King’s dream,” he said to the all white crowd.. “It is the Tea Party where people are not judged by the color of their skin, and it’s Tea Party Americans who believe that character still counts.”

“So today, I am officially announcing that the Tea Party is taking Martin Luther King away from the liberal left,” Finley declared.

“And to you race-baiting promoters of division and hatred, you’re not getting him back until you renounce your shameful skin-color politics and start practicing the politics of character,” he said, which garnered applause from the crowd.
From this day forward, Marin Luther  King is officially a tea party hero.” he added with a straight face.

Uh…sorry, you’re not “taking” anything from us. Go back to surrounding the Bundy ranch with rifles aimed at federal agents.


It’s interesting that this man made his jaw-dropping remarks to an all-white crowd in South Carolina.

In 2013, civil rights leader Julian Bond remarked on why there were no Republicans at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington:

“They asked a long list of Republicans to come, and to a man and woman they said no.”….Bond did credit Cantor for trying hard to find a replacement speaker, but, ultimately, the leader was unable to find a single Republican to attend the event.

To borrow a quote from the extreme right, if you want to steal MLK’s memory from us: Come and take it.

For the record: John Lennon is ours, too.

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