Ted Cruz Thanks Hate Groups, Bigots For Iowa Win


After his caucus win in Iowa Monday night, Ted Cruz had many people to thank, especially the ones with the most hate-filled resumes.

I’m grateful for the support, the early support of my friend Steve Deace. We’re grateful for the over 150 pastors across the state of Iowa, who joined our team to energize people of faith. We’re grateful to the state senators, to the state representatives, to the volunteer leaders in each of the 99 counties who stood up and said we will be heard and this will be decided by the grassroots. And then, I am so grateful to national leaders, people like Dr. James Dobson, and Tony Perkins, and Phil Robertson, and Governor Rick Perry, and Glenn Beck. Leaders who have stood and led, bringing together and coalescing conservatives here in Iowa and all across the country.

You may remember Steve Deace as the right wing radio host who brought a bunch of anti-Mormon bigots on his show to compare Mitt Romney with Satan in 2012. Since Monday, he’s been proclaiming a great “spiritual warfare” victory over the forces of darkness, with said forces being Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump, whom he denounces as a pagan cult leader.

Dobson, of course, is the founder of anti-gay hate group Focus on the Family. A real power broker in evangelical politics, Dobson is convinced that bisexuals are just having orgies and gay people should be stoned to death.

Similarly, Tony Perkins is president of the hate group Family Research Council, which used to employ serial molester Josh Duggar, but his resume is even worse than Deace’s. Perkins once paid Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke for his mailing list and spoke at least twice to the Council of Conservative Citizens (get it? CCC=KKK), the racist white power organization which inspired Dylann Roof to murder nine people at the AME church in Charleston last year. Nowadays, Perkins supports Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ bill and warns that marriage equality will result in “blood on our streets” — a chilling idea that seems to be popular with the men Cruz praised in Iowa.

Phil Robertson, of course, is the Taliban-bearded patriarch of the made-for-TV-rednecks of the Duck Dynasty clan. Not only does he oppose marriage equality, Robertson thinks anyone who supports it should be murdered.

“It’s sinful. They want us to swallow it, you say. We have to run this bunch out of Washington, D.C. We have to rid the earth of them. Get them out of there. Ted Cruz loves God.”

Robertson said that right in front of Cruz, whereupon the candidate seemed to approve of mass-murdering Americans who disagree with his views.

“What an extraordinary human being,” the candidate said, claiming that “God makes every one of us unique, but some are uniquer than others.”

“What a voice Phil has to speak out for the love of Jesus,” Cruz added. “What a joyful, cheerful, unapologetic voice of truth Phil Robertson is.”

Mainstream media has not paid much attention to the Dominionist agenda in Ted Cruz’s campaign, but now that he’s won in Iowa, reporters really should scrutinize his statements as well as those of his endorsers. Just imagine how Fox News would react if prominent supporters of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton blithely called for the annihilation of Israel, for example, or raved about spilling Republican “blood on our streets.”

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