Tell-All Author On ‘Today’ Show: It Was All On Record, They Say He’s ‘Like A Child’ (VIDEO)


Michael Wolff, the author of the new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, went on NBC’s “Today Show” on Friday morning, and the interview that he gave was no less sensational than the excerpts from his book that have been trickling out over the last few days.

But after Donald Trump tweeted late Thursday night that he had never spoken to Wolff for the book, the author felt he needed to make it public that he felt “in every way comfortable” reporting as he did:

“Whether he realized it was an interview or not, I don’t know, but [our conversation] certainly was not off the record.”

Speaking with host Savannah Guthrie, Wolff detailed the fact that he has recordings and notes of most, if not all, of the conversations and interviews he did for Fire and Fury with the president, his staff, and his top aides. He also noted that he couldn’t recall having ever issued a single correction for anything he’s written.

Wolff went on to tell Guthrie that literally everyone he spoke to left him with the exact same impression:

“The one description that everyone gave, everyone has in common — they all say he is like a child. And what they mean by that he has a need for immediate gratification. It’s all about him,” Wolff told Guthrie, adding shortly later: “This man does not read, does not listen. He’s like a pinball, just shooting off the sides.”

And in case the confirmations throughout the news that most or all of the book is true — including headlines at Breitbart (Steve Bannon’s website), reports that Team Trump was considering firing Katie Walsh from a Trump-related PAC over her statements, and just how much the president is denying it all — we have the fact that multiple top staffers are now considering leaving the White House over the revelations in this book.

Buckle up, folks. This could get ugly.

Watch the interview here:

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