Tennessee Man Wants To Create Huge Confederate Flag Monument On Side Of Mountain


A former Dunlap, Tennessee, mayor wants to create what could be the largest image of the Confederate flag in the South, in the wake of the Charleston, South Carolina, church massacre in which a white supremacist strolled in and massacred nine African Americans who were attending Bible Study.















The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that Carson Camp wants to use the side of Fredonia Mountain in the pastoral Sequatchie Valley to paint the flag, which would be as large as two football fields.

Camp got the idea for the flag monument when he was talking with his son, Cameron, about the impact of the South Carolina shootings on their beloved Confederate Flag.

The family was concerned due to the flags coming down across the country.

Because, that’s the important thing, not the lives lost, apparently.

“My son said, ‘What can we do to stop this? They’re taking down every symbol of the South,'” Camp said.

“I said, ‘If we wanted to there’s nothing that tells me we can’t go up there and clean out 10 acres and put the world’s biggest Confederate flag up.'”

Camp says “there’s no question” that hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan have used the Confederate symbol as their own. But that is not its real history,” he said.

He called the Confederate Flag controversy  “knee-jerk” reactions to the church massacree in which Dylann Roof, the white supremacist gunman, was seen in widely circulated photos brandishing the controversial flag.

Camp said that some groups are trying to “erase history,” then he went on to liken them to ISIS in the Middle East, whose soldiers are vandalizing or destroying historic sites.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports:

The family owns several hundred acres on the Cumberland Plateau, including a portion of one of the Trail of Tears routes onto the plateau, and he has ideas for commemorating that history, as well.

Camp said the grid for the memorial will be laid out using global positioning satellites, and the memorial will be built from stones painted in red, white and blue water-based paint. He said he’ll need lots of help and he hopes to generate interest among local youth with a passion for history.

Dunlap Mayor Dwain Land defended Camp’s freedom of speech and said that like like Camp, he also has an ancestor who fought for the Confederacy.













“It’s his property, he can do what he wants,” Land said of Camp’s plans. “From an economic standpoint, if it turns out to be a sightseeing site like Mount Rushmore or Stone Mountain, Ga., it’ll be a benefit for Dunlap.”

That’s sweet. If your ‘heritage’ is focused solely on a bloody war, which you lost, while disregarding the feelings of others who suffered, then  you’re kind of a fucked up person. The South was burnt to the ground. Slaves were finally freed from the atrocities they had to endure – and the flag that reflects on that history is embraced by racists because black people suffered so much pain.

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