‘Terrifying’: Facebook’s Plan To Fight Fake News Has Big Conservative Pages In A ‘Panic’


Conservatives are now freaking out over Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to help reduce the spread of misinformation on Facebook after it was revealed that ‘fake news’ influenced the election. The reports of fake news sites even caught the attention of Google. No longer will fake news sites be able to use Google’s lucrative ad network. Teens from a foreign country ran pro-Trump sites using misleading information. Some owners of conservative pages are panicking over this.

Buzzfeed News reports:

Cyrus Massoumi, the owner of Mr. Conservative, which has 2.2 million fans, told BuzzFeed News he and his fellow publishers find Zuckerberg’s guidelines “terrifying” and “extremely wide open to interpretation.”

“To someone who was reading between the lines to understand what he meant, it didn’t really make any sense to a publisher,” Massoumi said. “It was terrifying to read.”

Massoumi spoke exclusively with BuzzFeed News with the blessing of a group of other major conservative page owners so he could raise their concerns with Zuckerberg’s post, explain why some hyperpartisan pages on the right published false and misleading content, and to share their proposal for solving the problem. Their goal is to land an audience with senior executives at Facebook to talk more.

“Don’t ban us — let’s work out a solution,” the 25-year-old said. It appears that revenue, not the facts, were their motivation. Some of them did really well, too.

As of now Massoumi said he and others wake up every morning worried that Facebook will censor conservative pages by indiscriminately banning posts — or kill their pages altogether — without offering any explanation or opportunity to appeal.
“Everybody is going to get burned down as it stands now,” Massoumi said. “I could wake up tomorrow and not have a business.”

At one point, he blamed Hillary Clinton.

“It should not be called fake news — it should be called ‘Hillary lost who can we blame?’” he said. “Of course the great irony of this is that people love the idea that the election just had to do with conservative conspiracy theories. If Hillary hadn’t lost you would have never heard about this.”

Massoumi told Buzzfeed that he told his writers to make sure they’re posting accurate, tilted content. That’s something that should be a given, though.

End The Fed is now removing false stories from its sites. A couple of them went viral. The Pope did not endorse Donald Trump (!!!!) and President Obama did not cut money from the military to spend it on Syrian refugees.










However, in their latest post, the author blames Obama and adds that sites are being falsely smeared.

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign was famous for powerful, simple slogans, such as “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp,” and was bolstered by a massive wave of social media support fueled by stories originating from alternative media outlets which are now being falsely smeared as “fake news” by the corporate press.

As for Massoumi, he admits to publishing misleading information. “We strayed because of the competitive nature of the algorithm in the News Feed and we do need to be brought back,” he said. “But the problem is I operate in an environment where sites like Ending the Fed and these unknowns are going to beat us unless we go from tilted to misleading.”

Massoumi is the owner of Mr. Conservative, which has over 2.2 million likes on Facebook.

The conservative pages are now in a “widespread panic” over the new steps taken to reduce false information.

Ah, so they suffer from a lack of integrity. We could have made a killing here during the election cycle by lying our asses off, but we prefer to be able to sleep well at night and look at ourselves in the mirror each morning without cringing.

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