Texas AG Makes Horrifying Statement After Worst Mass Shooting In TX History (VIDEO)


For Ken Paxton, the legally-embattled Attorney General of Texas, saying something disgusting after today’s mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs was almost a given. He is a proven racist and bigot, which seem to be prerequisite attributes for membership in the GOP these days.

But Paxton, who faces a third-degree felony indictment for securities fraud in court in December, is somehow more Republican than you might expect a Texas Republican to be.

Almost immediately after today’s tragedy, Paxton was contacted by Fox News, who were hungry to get in on the predictable right-wing response, once it was revealed that the shooter was a white, Christian, ex-military gun nut.

Paxton didn’t let his fans at Fox down with anything tepid or half-hearted. No, he went full potato live on the phone with the right-wing network, declaring that the shooting was to be expected, and that more should be expected, and that the answer to them was clearly for more people to be armed in church.

“I wish some law would fix all of this,” Paxton said, as he completely ignored the fact that we’ve tried to pass laws that could at least help “fix all this” innumerable times, only to be stopped by pro-every-kind-of-gun politicians like himself.

He once again offered the feeble logic of Republicans that follows every mass shooting perpetrated by a white man:

“You can’t necessarily keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to violate the law. If someone is willing to kill someone, they’re also going to be willing to violate a gun law.”

Paxton went on to describe what, in the minds of gun-crazed Republicans, might be enough to prevent future tragedies:

“We’ve had shootings at churches for, you know, forever. It’s gonna happen again, so we need people in church, either professional security or at least arming some of the parishioners of the congregation so that they can respond … when something like this happens again.”

The Attorney General of the state that just suffered its biggest mass shooting ever just said that maybe people need to take their guns to church with them to protect themselves from people who have weapons that we could totally outlaw.

That’s disgusting.

Watch the Fox News clip here:

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