Texas AG’s Aide Forced To Resign Over Disgusting Social Media Posts About Women (IMAGES)


On Thursday, a top lawyer in the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton resigned over some controversial Facebook posts which surfaced in which he called the #MeToo movement “pathetic” and he also posted a cartoon which calls a female protester a ‘c*nt.’ On Facebook (he has his page locked down now), Texas’ deputy attorney general, Andrew D. Leonie, describes himself a Christian, but on Twitter, his profile describes him as a “Deplorable & Irredeemable Texas Christian Tea Party Republican.” And now, he can describe himself as unemployed.

Leonie posted on Facebook this week to blast alleged victims of sexual assault.

“Aren’t you also tired of all the pathetic ‘me too’ victim claims? If every woman is a ‘victim’, so is every man. If everyone is a victim, no one is. Victim means nothing anymore,” he wrote, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Leonie posted that at 2:40 a.m. on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon, he had resigned. Paxton’s office said Leonie’s exit was effective immediately.

“The views he expressed on social media do not reflect our values,” Director of Communications Marc Rylander wrote. “The OAG is committed to promoting and maintaining a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.”

Raw Story had a look at Leonie’s Facebook page before he secured it and found that he is a strong supporter of Donald Trump’s and he’s fan of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Raw Story reports:

In a Twitter post made shortly after Trump’s inauguration and the historic Women’s March that followed, Leonie shared a cartoon that showed characters from the classic “Peanut” series, one of whom was dressed up in the genital costumes popular at the march. In Leonie’s cartoon, another of the characters calls the one in the costume a “c*nt.”

He’s also a conspiracy theorist and fan of Sean Hannity’s.

Leonie was also a strong supporter of alleged pedophile Roy Moore and he even shared a post claiming that Moore had won the Alabama election Tuesday. But that was fake news because Doug Jones won.

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