Texas Commissioner Compares Syrian Refugees To Rattlesnakes


Clearly, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller feels the best route to take is to lower the bar by comparing Syrian refugees to venomous rattlesnakes.














And why not – after all Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson recently compared those fleeing from violence to ‘rabid dogs.’

The Texas Tribune reports:

In a post on his campaign Facebook page on Wednesday, the Republican juxtaposed two images: one showing a twisting mass of snakes, the other a crowd of refugees.

“Can you tell me which of these rattlers won’t bite you?” Miller’s post asked. “Sure some of them won’t, but tell me which ones so we can bring them into the house.”

This week, governors across the country, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, said they would work to keep refugees from war-torn Syria from being resettled in their states in light of the Islamic State’s deadly attacks in Paris on Friday. Many other Texas Republicans have shared similar views.

More than 4,000 Facebook users had “liked” Miller’s post as of Thursday afternoon, and 6,250 people had shared it.














He didn’t stop there. No, that would be asking too much.

“This is a post that was placed by Commissioner Miller and unapologetically so,” Todd Smith, a campaign spokesman, said. “I think the post speaks for itself but, what he said was he would rather invite a rattlesnake into his home than an ISIS jihadist terrorist.”

Smith then moved the post up to the top of Miller’s page to make it easier to find.

“I appreciate the attention,” he added.

Miller’s past Facebook posts include a call  for the atomic bombing of “the Muslim world.”

Miller’s offensive posts are noting news.

Juanita  Jean’s reports:

He tried to make guns and ammo tax free during the back-to-school weekend.

Announced that Mexicans were invading Texas.

What it boils down to is that Miller is scared crapless of anything that ain’t white. You know, like that hat he probably stole.

Democrats and others called the message hateful and intolerant.

Violence is ugly and we’re sure Miller would fit in well with ISIL. That appears to be more his calling.

“As a statewide elected official of the great state of Texas, Republican Commissioner Sid Miller should know better then to fan the flames of fear and xenophobia,” Manny Garcia, deputy executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, said in a statement, according to the Texas Tribune. “Sadly, we’re not surprised. This tactic has become all too common for Miller and other Texas Republicans.”

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