Texas Group Says The American Flag Is More Racist Than The Confederate Flag


The Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans spokesman Marshall Davis totally schools us on flags by concluding that the awesome American flag is more racist than the Confederate flags near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive that this group will be flying.














Davis racesplains that, “The American flag flew over a slave nation for over 100 years. The Confederate flag flew over a slave nation for four years. By comparison, the American flag is 25 times more a slave flag.”

The Washington Post reports:

…objections recently resurfaced after the Sons of Confederate Veterans announced that they have ordered eight custom-made poles for Confederate battle flags that will, Davis said, increase the visibility of the monument alongside Interstate 10, not far from the street named after King, the slain civil rights leader.

Eventually, as funds allow, Davis said, the group plans to install 24 more Confederate battle flags representing various Texas regiments that fought in the Civil War. Each one, he noted, will include a nameplate with the flag’s history.

Raw Story reports:

The purpose of the eight large flags isn’t to antagonize drivers on nearby Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, but to increase the memorial’s visibility from neighboring Interstate 10. According to a flyer seeking donations, “your support will enable passengers in over 55,000 cars per day see Confederate Flags flying proudly in the Texas breeze.”

 “All we want to do is honor our war dead,” Davis said. “We want to honor our heroes. We don’t want to impede anyone from honoring their heroes, their veterans and their war dead. We would like the same tolerance and courtesy.”

Paul Jones, president of the Beaumont chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, called the memorial a “slap in the face.”

“Why would you want to glorify that part of history?” Jones said. “That’s a big question mark in my mind.”

Orange resident Meredith Morgan opposes the monument and said the Confederate flag “was adopted by white extremist groups and has been a symbol of hate.”

“How do we explain to our children that this monument only represents the divide of the United States in the directional sense?” she said. “In its best form, the flag is still a symbol of division and rebellion.”

Perhaps counter-signs should be displayed saying, “If the South rises again, we’ll just burn it down. Again.”

Of course, that’s not meant to be ‘offensive.’ We just want to ‘honor’ our dead.

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