Texas Gun Store Takes Down Sign Refusing To Sell Firearms To Obama Voters


Yesterday at Brazos Moon, an establishment that sells firearms in Granbury, Texas, a sign was displayed out front explaining that Obama voters are not allowed on their premises. That sign is now gone.




















The sign read, “If you voted for Obama, the Brazos Moon will NOT sell you a firearm! You have shown a complete lack of rational thought and proven that you are not responsible to own a gun!”

(Republican caps and emphasis theirs, duh!)

So they basically went from ‘We support the Second Amendment’ to ‘what Second Amendment?’

The person who runs the shop’s Facebook page is upset that their freedom hating store has been called racist, however, with a ‘towel head’ notice next to the sign and a locked glass case full of ‘Aunt Jemima’ and ‘Uncle Tom’ items, it’s hard to believe them.

According to the store, the sign was trashed. But that’s not true. A friend of mine from the area drove by Brazos Moon around closing time and the sign was still intact.

How not to accept responsibility for one’s own actions:




























The old “unidentified customer” who “unleashed her emotions” trick. We totally believe you, Brazos Moon. Yelp reviews have been up since last year denouncing the sign, so it’s hardly conceivable that a “polite conversation” would have convinced them as to how the sign was offensive.

In addition, the owners of the Facebook page removed the option to review the store.

You can’t disappear the Yelp reviews though.

I’ve been getting troll tweets all day from gun humpers who agree that Obama voters should not own a firearm.

I’m sure that’s somewhere in that pesky Constitution thingy but I just can’t find it right now. It’s probably right next to ‘…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’

I’ll go have another look around…

Dear Brazos Moon,

You can view the President in a negative way. We give zero fucks. You may not discriminate by party affiliation then act surprised when you’re called out. You were owned by our readers, TXLiberalDarling who took the photos, and those who shared our previous post. We embarrassed you by posting your own sign.

How humiliating for you.

All your signs are belong to us.

The gun-grabbers at Brazos Moon were owned by social media.

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