Texas Housewife’s Cat Helps Secure Her Arrest For Sending Explosives To Obama


Thanks in part to stray hairs from her cat, Houston area woman, Julia Poff, 46, is behind bars for sending explosives through the mail in 2016 to President Obama, Gov. Greg Abbot (R-TX), and Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin.

Here’s her mugshot:

Her reasons for sending the homemade explosive devices is completely understandable: Poff didn’t like Obama, was mad at Abbott for not getting child support from her ex, and apparently was unhappy with Colvin for not being granted disability.

It took law enforcement an entire year to track her down, and they might still be looking were it not in part for hairs from her cat found in the packages which matched hairs found in her home. Luckily none of the devices exploded.

Normally an angry cat simply scratches its owner and returns to napping, but not this cat, who we imagine looks a little something like this:

This is not the first time Poff has been featured on the Internet for all the wrong reasons. In 2015 she posted two videos on YouTube that chronicled a diet she embarked on to combat fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and a few extra pounds.

Unfortunately it seems Poff only made it to day seven, which implies her diet only lasted, well, a week.

It’s easy to denigrate the down and out, and Poff is most certainly a stellar representative of that crowd. Perhaps instead she is to be commended for being politically active and making her opinions known on both sides of the aisle. In a way, by sending bombs to key figures in both political parties, Poff has helped to bring both sides together in their resolve to let their interns open all packages in the future.

Oh, and thanks, Julia, for helping the U.S.P.S. pay off their $5B loss last year.

Still, let’s hope Poff’s indictment discourages any would-be copy cats.

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Featured image via screen capture.

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