Texas Lt. Gov: Dallas Protesters ‘Hypocrites’ For Running From Gunfire (VIDEO)


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick appeared on Fox News to declare that the protesters who fled from the terror that unfolded in Dallas are “hypocrites.”  Naturally. Patrick blamed Black Lives Matter for a lone shooter’s actions but the fact is, that gunman terrorized everyone on the scene.

“All those protesters last night, they turned around and ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to protect them. What hypocrites!” Patrick said, according to the Dallas News.

As Gov. Greg Abbott issued on open letter calling on Texans to calmly unite and come together, Patrick took a more combative tone. He blamed Black Lives Matter protesters for the violence against police and said people “with big mouths are creating situations like we saw last night.”

“We have to have their back,” Patrick said of police. “And I’m sick and tired of those who are protesting our police and putting their lives in danger.” he said.

Patrick isn’t fooling anyone. He’s fully aware that protesters were demonstrating against police brutally but not against the entire department.

Patrick said if violence against police doesn’t stop, cops will stop working to protect citizens.

“I do blame people on social media with their hatred toward police,” he said. “I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests. …. This has to stop,” he said.


The gunman (we’re not going to use his name here and give him notoriety) was not affiliated with any groups, according to the police who questioned him just before he died. Leaders of BLM were quick to condemn the sniper’s actions.

“What we did last night was a peaceful protest,” said Dominique Alexander. “What we were doing as activists was pushing our government to do what was right to address the issues (surrounding police brutality), so more innocent lives are not taken in America.”

The entire world saw the murder of two black men at the hands of police officers in just a matter of days. A woman had to watch her boyfriend bleed out as she pleaded for him not to die with her young child in the backseat. If that doesn’t need addressing and that areshole Lt. Governor doesn’t see that, then he is part of the problem. Patrick is making a threat – no police protection for taxpayers in you are against police brutality. Most of us could never do a police officer’s difficult job. There is no hatred for good police officers.

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