Texas Man Tries To Hide Gun In Car, Second Amendments Himself In The Leg


We needs guns to keep us safe! The NRA and rabid 2A ammosexuals tell us this on a daily basis with their fear mongering headlines about mass shootings and rising crime rates. No one is safe. The best way to stop a bad guy is a good guy with a gun. If the NRA had their way, infants would have gun holsters instead of Legos. Everyone would be issued mandatory guns at the age of 13. We would all be armed to the hilt, 24/7. Then there would be no gun violence, right?

Well, not necessarily. In another case of senseless gun injury, an elderly Houston man was his own gun violence victim.

Your Houston News reports that around 6:40 p.m. on Friday night a man shot himself right outside Flemings Steakhouse in the 1200 block of Lake Woodlands Drive near The Woodlands Mall. Apparently, this gentleman was trying to hide his gun and managed to shoot himself in the leg.

A witness states:

“I was the one who parked his car, it was an accident. He was trying to hide his handgun (to or from a glove box) because somebody can touch it. He was doing that and he shot himself. He was bleeding bad, he lost a lot of blood.”

Thankfully, the man appeared to have non life threatening injuries. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The Assistant Manager from Panera Bread, Jeremy Shannon, told Your Houston News that a customer saw the paramedics treating the man and place him on a stretcher. Shannon said it is a “nice area and mall security conducts shooting drills to be prepared.” Clearly shooting drills are necessary just in case someone shoots themselves.

Maybe what we need is more gunsense to prevent elderly, incapable and poorly trained folks from having guns themselves.

The only silver lining? At least he didn’t shoot or kill anyone else accidentally.

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