Texas Republican: Democrats Just Want To Repeal The Second Amendment


In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas which left 59 people dead and over 500 wounded, the debate has begun again regarding what additional laws might be necessary to possibly prevent such tragedies in the future.

But Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe says he’s convinced the reason for the talk is more sinister, and Democrats are hoping to turn the United States into a totalitarian nation like China or North Korea.

During an appearance on KSEV 700’s morning AM radio program, “The Lance Roberts Show,” Poe began by saying anyone who wants to raise the issue of gun control is somehow an insult to the victims of the latest shooting massacre:

“Democrats don’t seem to be as concerned about the victims as they are about guns.”

Placing his Alex Jones approved tinfoil hat on his head, Poe then said he knew the real reason Democrats are so eager to see gun control implemented:

“They are just beside themselves about guns. They don’t talk too much about the shooter — they don’t want to talk about him and his motives for the killing and that he was the one responsible for the killing. The guns are responsible for the killing, and so we have to eliminate guns everywhere we can in the United States. They want to have a society where only government has guns, like they do in Russia and China and North Korea. Only government has guns, and citizens don’t have guns. That’s their plan.”

Ironically, it’s a conservative, columnist Bret Stephens, who advocated eliminating the Second Amendment in an op-ed he penned for The New York Times Thursday, writing that more guns mean more murder and make each of us less safe. His conclusion:

“There is only one way to do this: Repeal the Second Amendment.”

Anytime anyone wants to debate the issue of guns in America, conservatives who have taken sacks of money from the NRA always try to play the fear card and suggest that those who advocate sensible gun control want to make sure no one has guns. But the real extremist position is the one that continues to allow tens of thousands of our citizens to be erased with the pull of a trigger in order to appease a lobbying group for greed gun manufacturers.


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