The Cameramen Those Roy Moore Staffers Assaulted Were From Fox News, And They’re PISSED


Last night, Alabama candidate for the US Senate and accused pedophile Roy Moore held a campaign event that he was so scared might pose actual questions for him, he ended up entering it through a side door like a coward.

As we reported last night the event organizer, Tony Goolsby, and one other Roy Moore supporter physically assaulted one cameraman apiece, both apparently unaware that they were being filmed by another camera capturing the whole exchange:

The man you see intervening to stop the assault turned out to be a Fox News producer who was protecting employees of his own network. That’s right — Ol’ Roy’s campaign staff decided to “manhandle” some journalists, and they ended up assaulting employees of the one network that might have given the child molester some favorable coverage.

Jonathan Serrie, a correspondent for the network, told viewers last night,

“It’s not unusual for people to get bumped around a bit in the media scrum. This was not a scrum though. It is highly unusual for members of a political campaign to physically engage in this manner with members of the press.”

Serrie also pointed out that after the campaign stop, Moore took no questions from the media or even the audience, which is unsurprising, considering his campaign’s stance on everything. They’ve essentially told the press “we don’t believe these [independent accusers who neither know each other nor have anything to gain].”

Moore also has steadfastly refused to debate his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, at any point before the special election on December 12. That also stands to reason, given that Moore is the kind of coward who had to prey on young girls in the first place.

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