The Coultergeist: We Need More Violence At Trump Rallies, Thank You Very Much


It was just yesterday that Donald Trump threatened to send his supporters to rallies for Bernie Sanders. Ann Coulter should be in charge of his ‘sending people’ department because neither of them is brave enough to take action themselves against protesters. Just let his supporters commit acts of violence. It’s so Charles Manson-ish.

On Sunday night, Ann Coulter took to her Twitter account in an attempt to seek attention. It’s what grifters do.

Coulter made a call for “a little more violence” at Trump rallies.

Wait. Trump said no one has been really injured at all of this rallies (that’s a lie) so she’s inadvertently admitting that he’s wrong.

Coulter went on to compare the thugs who have attacked protesters to Marines.

The GOP front-runner’s rivals have called out the violence. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have also blasted the increasing incidents of violence at Trump’s campaign events.  Donald Trump hasn’t been silent either. He’s called for more violence. The GOP front-runner has said he will defend those who commit acts of violence at this rallies against protesters in court.

Obviously, to Trump and Coulter, this is a game. Sort of like the Hunger Games. But neither of them will be on the front lines. They just say stupid shit on Twitter to instigate the violence, then sit back with a smile on their faces as minorities and others get pummelled for protesting.

Such patriots. Send in the thugs while sitting back and watching it all unfold. Blood has been spilled at Trump’s rallies. This isn’t a joke or a game.

There’s a problem with violence inundating Trump rallies so their solution is more violence. It’s like gun violence. How do we resolve it? More guns, of course.

Of course, it’s known that she shouldn’t be taken seriously, after all, she’s just a troll. And so is Donald Trump. The problem is that the dangerous rhetoric coming from their mouths will be taken seriously by Trump’s supporters.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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