The GOP Has A Going Out Of Business Sale On Black Friday With YUGE Sale On MAGA Merchandise


You know how, when you walk through the Target entertainment section and see all the books with the giant round “30% OFF” stickers, they’re all the shitty books that nobody wanted to buy?

That’s the Republican Party right now, and they know it.

That’s why, after some soul-searching and introspection, they’ve decided to go out of business, after their brand has been irredeemably tarnished by their support for an amoral, incompetent asshole whose only concern is enriching himself at the expense of others.

Just kidding! That is, of course, the entirety of the Republican platform, and all they decided to do was cash in on the gullibility of Trump supporters and their desire to belong to a team, win or lose.

So the sale they announced on Twitter was the perfect way to reaffirm their commitment to the only constituent that’s ever mattered to them: The Almighty Dollar.

Unfortunately, it’s not Black Friday unless someone gets trampled to death, so that’s exactly what happened to the poor soul in charge of the @GOP Twitter account.

And then someone had to go and point out exactly what’s wrong with the party that USED to encourage people to Buy American:

Put your flashing lights away, Republicans. Nobody was camping out for first crack at looking like a moron Trump supporter.

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Featured image via Twitter

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