The Internet Just Tracked Down A Nazi Who Brutally Assaulted A Woman In Charlottesville


The pictures and video from August 12, 2017 of the violent Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia tell only half the story of that fateful day. They show the world what the underbelly of humanity is capable of when they feel their authority or supremacy is threatened. They depict a movement devoid of conscience or compassion. It is, for some, the first introduction to what the first line of defense against Nazis — Antifa — looks like.

The rest of the story is told in the narrative around what happened that day.

That starts with Donald Trump, who treated the event as though violence were being equally perpetrated by both “sides” in Charlottesville. There is, of course, only one “side” when it comes to Nazis: The other one. This wasn’t hyperbole or anything, the people marching with American flags were doing so right next to Confederate flags and Nazi flags:

Once Nazi flags appear at a rally and the people in charge don’t throw them out, it’s officially a Nazi rally.

The narrative that calls Nazi ideology a “perspective” or a “political viewpoint” has run the risk of derailing what is the most important thing to take away from any discussion about Nazis in America: They must be stopped.

It has been downright baffling to watch a society that, seeing a police officer kill an unarmed man running away from a traffic stop and collectively shrugging its shoulders, rushes so quickly to the defense of the First Amendment rights of a group of people who would literally murder people they love if they got a chance.

Fortunately, not everyone is so tepid about the required response to Nazi violence.

Internet-Famous activist Shaun King, who has overseen many web-based efforts at both restorative and punitive justice on behalf of the country he loves, posted a call-out to his followers just over a week ago:

King wanted help identifying a man at the Unite The Right event wearing weighted gloves, who viciously attacked people simply watching him walk past, including a woman who – like a BOSS – does not go down.

There’s plenty to read if you click on the tweets embedded here, but it’s just five days later when it becomes amazing:

And then, after nearly a week of internet sleuths doing their jobs for them, police in Charlottesville took the next step:

Despite the fact that King says the woman in the video spoke to him and told him no police had ever talked to her about her assault, it looks like Dennis Mothersbaugh, 37, of Mt. Vernon, Indiana, is about to add another felony to the litany of crimes that only white privilege has kept him from being locked away for eternally.

We will take justice as it comes. Thank you, Shaun King, and thank you internet. One down, and a sickening number to go.

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