The Internet Wants Stupid Joe Walsh To Shut His Stupid Mouth Already (TWEETS)

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In perhaps his most ignorant statement yet, Joe Walsh whined on Twitter today about a recent comic by the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The post depicts flood victims with Nazi flags drowning in the waters of Hurricane Harvey, with the caption “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.”

Walsh, as with many Americans, is offended that the comic mocks flood victims, but also felt the need to claim that the magazine “mocks everyone but Muslims” and calls them cowards.


Hey Joe, remember that mass shooting back in 2015 where Al-Qaeda terrorists killed 12 people and injured many more because the magazine had been mocking Islam? That was Charlie Hebdo.


Not only that, since 2015 Charlie Hebdo has repeatedly mocked Islam and Muslims. Pretty cowardly of them to continue to make fun of something even after terrorists literally killed 12 of them for it, am I right, Joe?


It must be super frustrating for people like Joe Walsh and Donald Trump that the internet exists and regular people know how to use it. It makes it so difficult to just say whatever comes to mind and have people blindly believe it.

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  1. Je suis Charlie! (I was offended by it too, but it’s not like Texas is going to go out and shoot up the place… And besides, they’ll offend somebody else next week. Move on, Joe.)

  2. Joe Walsh… the next White House Comms Dir?

    He has since posted comments saying only idiots would think he didn’t know about the Hebdo attack.
    Also, that he doesn’t apologize.

    Such a douche bag.

  3. At times Charlie Hebdo can be tasteless,–
    But so is Fox News, Inforwars , Rush Limbaugh ,,,, and a bunch more alt right sites,

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