The Irony: Open Carry Texas Leader To A Cop,’You Have People With Rifles That Are Frightening Me!’


Three days after the 2015 Texas Legislative session ended, Open Carry Extremists engaged in yet another confrontation with State Police.











Law Enforcement officials roundly rejected the idea of expanding open carry in the state to include handguns for this very reason: Added to House Bill 910 at the last minute, is a controversial provision which would make it illegal for a police officer to request to see the registration, or ask questions, of a person openly carrying a firearm.

Police chiefs in Texas fear that would allow criminals to carry firearms without repercussions.

If you’re a responsible gun owner, then it shouldn’t be a problem if police ask to see if your firearm is legal.

The legislature chose to support the wishes of the gun lobby over the concerns of law enforcement and the majority of Texans (including gun owners) and went ahead to pass open carry.

Governor Greg Abbott  has promised to sign it into law as soon as it reaches his desk to reaffirm the anti-law enforcement position of the Texas legislature.

So naturally, C.J. Grisham, the leader of Open Carry Texas, was in a confrontation with law enforcement officers, which included screaming and freedom cursing, all while armed with a fully loaded AR-15.

Watch, uploaded by Open Carry Texas:

The officer tells C.J. that he may be on public property now, but the owner of a property he was on, does not want him to return. Obviously, they alerted the police because trespassing is against the law.

“They don’t want you on their property anymore,” the officer tells Grisham.

“Do you have to give me warning with a fucking AR-15 in your hands!” yells Grisham.

Wellllll, if men were surrounding my property with AR-15s on their backs, I would hope the police would come fully armed in response.

“You have people with rifles that are frightening me!”  screams Grisham at the officer.

C.J. seems to believe that police officers should not be armed, but he should.  Grisham’s behavior exemplifies the disregard for the public and law enforcement his supporters and other groups have continued to portray.

In the comments under OCT’s video on their Facebook page, Michael Kobe, writes, “The profanity used by the OCT member was not constructive.”

Open Carry Texas responded, “nothing [sic] “heightens tensions” more than having assault rifles (actual assault rifles) pointed at you.”

And the public feels ‘tension’ when a gang of men are walking down the street with loaded weapons strapped to their backs. Thank you for making our point for us, C.J.

Greg suggests C.J. have a sniper nearby to back him up.









I was stopped recently at night because one of my headlights was out. The cop approached my car with caution, probably because I live in the hood. After seeing my face (which is white), his hand relaxed from where it was near his gun. I asked, “Officer, is it OK if I reach inside the glove compartment to get you my license and papers?” He said, “Of course.” And I did. Again, I’m white. I didn’t curse or act combatively. The officer was just doing his job.

C.J. refused to give his name to police. And this comes from the leader of an Open Carry group that states that they have a good rapport with the police department.

If C.J. was black, this confrontation may have turned out differently. I gots me some white privilege and so does C.J., the poor persecuted Open Carry leader. I didn’t get a ticket that night. I see that C.J. didn’t get one for trespassing on private property.

But he cursed at them for freedom. Unlike Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old with a toy gun, who was shot dead by police.

It looks like Open Carry will pass in Texas and we can expect even more rude behavior from gun activists. If you have an AR-15 strapped on your back, then object to the police being armed with the very same weapon, then you’re not thinking straight. Or you’re just crazy.

Gun nuts tell us that “An armed society is a polite society.” We’ve yet to see proof of that.

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