‘The Irony’: The Internet Shreds WikiLeaks For Crying About Leak On Russian Hacks


President-elect Donald Trump – who led a political witch hunt against Hillary Clinton over emails – said in an interview with the New York Times that focusing on Russian interference in the 2016 election is a “political witch hunt” against him. Reuters reports that the CIA has identified Russian officials who, through third parties, fed the hacked emails from Democratic Party groups and individuals to WikiLeaks. So, naturally, the transparency organization is freaking out on Twitter.

“The Obama admin/CIA is illegally funneling TOP SECRET//COMINT information to NBC for political reasons before PEOTUS even gets to read it,” WackyLeaks tweeted.

President Obama received the Intelligence report about the hack and that will be presented to Trump on Friday so we’re not sure what they’re whining about. Then they tweeted this:

Donald weighed in yesterday:

The Internet took WikiLeaks to task.

During the campaign, WikiLeaks tweeted out this poll.








They’re kind of obvious, don’t you think?

Featured image via Twitter with added tweet. 

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