The Man Who Once ‘Occupied’ An Unarmed, Unguarded Wildlife Refuge Wants To Be Nevada’s Governor


Ryan Bundy, famous for being one of the “geniuses” to take over a wildlife refuge in Oregon in 2014 Oregon, is going to run for governor of Nevada on a states’ rights platform.

But wait, there’s more!

Bundy, who is 45, was also involved in another standoff in 2014, this time in Nevada. Government agents and police got involved after his father, Cliven Bundy, refused to pay grazing fees for his cattle to the government and got those same cattle confiscated. Things came to a head — pun intended — near Bunkerville, Nevada,  which is about 75 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Agents and police eventually retreated as they did not want to start a shootout that would end in multiple injuries or fatalities due to the hundreds of supporters Cliven Bundy managed to gather to his cause.

He says he’s all about states’ rights, though I fail to see why he didn’t just pay the damn fees and move on with his life.

All charges in both cases were dropped due to a dismissal of charges in 2016 for the wildlife refuge and a mistrial in the Nevada case in 2017.

Ryan Bundy said in a telephone interview on his choosing to run for governor:

I intend to secure the sovereignty of the state of Nevada and its land and resources for the people of Nevada

Yay for criminals running for government offices!

He didn’t elaborate on his statement, but his rhetoric closely resembles the “sagebrush rebellion,” which has called for the US government to relinquish control of several large federal land holdings in several western states.

Bundy, who lives in the town of Mesquite, Nevada, where he works in construction and ranches, says that he plans to file his campaign petition next week. Because those things, along with taking over wildlife refuges and armed standoffs make him a PERFECT candidate for governor of a state.

Nevada law requires a candidate unaffiliated with either major party to get 250 signatures of registered voters by June 1 in order to qualify for the ballot.

Bundy is perfectly aware he may draw votes from the Republican candidate, thereby getting a Democrat in office, but he doesn’t seem to give a shit about those Republicans saying:

I can’t be concerned about that, this is about principles.

Of course, he also said he thinks both parties have failed Nevada and he is OBVIOUSLY the better choice.

No, I don’t believe his bullshit either.

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