The Most Punchable Nazi In America Was Just Humiliated Again, Kicked Out Of His Big Event


Poor Richard Spencer just can’t catch a break. First he was born to obviously terrible parents, and then clearly something happened to him in his early 20’s that froze his face in that permanent smug grin. Then, of course, he finally became as famous as he thinks he deserves to be, but it was for being punched in the face like the stupid Nazi he is.

Now he can’t stop getting humiliated. I mean, just over and over, he gets made a fool of, and there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do about it.

Now, I personally don’t have a problem with that, but it sure has to be hard on all of his little Nazi followers, who get to look like idiots right alongside him. I’m sure that Richard, by now, has resigned himself to a lifetime of debasement and degradation for his general shittiness as a human being. But for some of those people, it’s likely their first experience with being described as “garbage,” “worthless,” or “a waste of skin.”

Either way, they got a little taste of what it’s like to be associated with a world-class asshole like Spencer when they were all abruptly kicked out of a “corporate” gathering the National Policy Institute, Spencer’s Nazi group, organized at Rocklands Farm in rural Maryland.

Knowing that they could never secure a room at anyplace nice for their little Nazi meeting, NPI used a third-party logistics firm to book the event, which they conveniently neglected to tell the owners would be a gathering of white nationalists.

The “conference” began just before noon on Sunday, according to Spencer, and was scheduled to last until 8 pm. But about halfway through, someone in charge of making sure they didn’t rent their space to Nazis found out that Richard Spencer was the brainchild of the gathering, and promptly kicked everyone the hell out.

Said the petulant Spencer,

“We didn’t lie, we didn’t deceive, and we certainly did not break any rules while we were there. We had sharp words and were obviously disappointed, but there was no confrontation of any kind.”

The facility refunded the group’s money after booting them and, we presume, bleached the room before hiring a shaman to smudge the entire grounds with sage.

The Nazis, less than thrilled about having to be whisked away once more after secretly arriving in shuttle vans so that nobody would know where they were meeting, were forced to go eat dinner at a Nazi-friendly establishment nearby.

The owners of Rocklands Farm, hosts of wine tastings, weddings, and other events of varying non-Nazi-themed kinds, issued a statement on their website:

“Throughout our history of hosting private events, we have never had to ask a group to leave. However, yesterday, November 19, we discovered that a private event held here was, in reality, a gathering of an organization that is strongly in opposition to our values. We immediately and politely asked the group to leave. We are grateful that the group agreed to peacefully leave.”

No torches were reported left behind.

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