The New Face Of Modern Self-Storage Facilities


The self-storage industry, where goods are stored temporarily is quite an Americanized concept. Around 46,000 out of 58,000 storage units worldwide are located in the U.S. serving both businesses and individuals. Self-storage units in the U.S. could be as small as a locker and as big as a yard. There are different sizes available for storage units which cater to diverse markets. These storage units are rented out to tenants for a specific period of time or typically on a monthly basis. Longer terms are also available. The units are well-secured with a lock and key and only the tenant or owner has access to the contents of the rented storage units.Self-storage-units

This speaks volumes about how Americans are naturally fond of hoarding. Having a spacious garage isn’t quite enough for all the stuff that one can’t just throw away; so renting a self-storage unit seems to be a convenient option. Storage use is said to be growing every day which shows why this not-so-glamorous industry still leads the limelight.

Is It Going Slow or Just Regaining Pace?

The self-storage industry has faced a slowdown this 2017 due to the increase in interest rates. The values have diminished a bit but it’s still pretty solid. There is even an overbuilding of new units or approximately $1 billion in worth in California, Portland, Nashville, Chicago and Texas which could even lower down rental rates for some. This only goes to show that the demand for self-storage units is still very strong in the United States. It has in fact maintained its steady gait and growth for the year.

The New Face of Modern Self-Storage Facilities

The self-storage industry has emerged with a new face with its modern constructions design and reinvented landscape.  It is now being built in urban or contemporary locations wherein there is an increasing demand for multi-story climate-controlled storage facilities that are aesthetically top-notch in every angle. The new storage units even have surveillance cameras and premium tiled spaces which are accessible and very near shopping centers and residential neighborhoods. These new storage facilities look cosmopolitan and resemble hotels in appearance. This is indeed a far picture from the humble beginnings of the self-storage industry which was first introduced in 1960’s. Some of them were quick to gain market, like public storage Houston, perhaps because of excessive need in Texas.

The growth of self-storage facilities, amongst property type industries, became popular alongside apartment rentals. There is a reason why the self-storage industry is still blazing hot until now. Some say that it is eating up the real estate industry with its overwhelming occupancy rates; and they could have a good reason to conclude so. There is a lot of clutter and chaos at home or everywhere which needs some storage – and that is what self-storage industry is capitalizing in. Many old or damaged building are being reconstructed or remodeled to be drive-thru storage facilities. It’s like trying to stack or chomp in a lot of data in cloud storage. People have tons of data to store and save which means the self-storage industry has all the more reasons to remain and flourish in this business for many years down the line.

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