The NRA’s Most Insane Moments Of 2014. Yes, We Shortened The Very Long List


When the whole “let’s give Santa a bowl full of bullets for Christmas” debacle happened, it was just one of many slippery slopes The National Rifle Association fell down in 2014.

There are so many to choose from by we decided to try to shorten the  2014 list.

In typical NRA fashion, the organization tossed aside any smidgeon of sensitivity it might have for Americans who have lost loved ones to gun violence and, ON CHRISTMAS DAY, posted on social media an image of a big ol’ plate full of bullets for Santa (you know, instead of cookies because they are bad for your health, and also Michelle Obama is evil with all her healthy eating stuff), with a warm Christmas greeting: “All of us here at NRA News wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!”

Yup, the NRA has a bullet for Santa.

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9) NRA Radio Guest Accuses Moms Demand Action Leader of “Emasculating Her Husband.”

The NRA’s radio show, Cam & Company, has never been huge fans of the gun reform movement, but it sunk to new lows when a guest on its show belittled the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Shannon Watts, by calling her a “shrill harridan” (If you don’t know, it’s an old woman who scolds people… or something) and suggested she emasculates her husband. Here’s a lovely quote from that interview, referring to Watts’ relationship with her husband:

“Stripped of the most basic and threshold abilities of a man; that is to defend his self, his family and his community, by being married to this shrill harridan. She is Annette Bening in American Beauty.”

8) Texas NRA Lobbyist Shrugs Off Concerns About Guns and Playdates.

Alice Tripp, a prominent lobbyist for the NRA’s Texas affiliate, was asked by an Austin newspaper if parents should ask about guns in the home when their children are invited for playdates, to which she responded:

“I wouldn’t ask it. I would not think of it. It’s like asking, ‘How do you handle your bug spray or a sharp, pointy knife?’ I teach my children and grandchildren gun safety. That’s the best insulation.”

Yes, toddlers, who shoot and kill more Americans than terrorists, are VERY trustworthy when it comes to guns.

That is her solution — nothing.


7) NRA Commentator Says Guns for the Blind is a Fine Idea.

The NRA’s new group of “hip and edgy” commentators have gotten the organization into hot water several times this year. One of the more memorable moments was when, in a stroke of genius, commentator Dom Raso suggested: “Every law-abiding, blind individual should be able to have whatever guns they want.”

Needless to say, the video caused a social media firestorm, and even an advocate for the blind called it “disturbing,” “misleading,” and “cynical.” The NRA finally caved and yanked the video because… well…. guns for the blind.

6) Another NRA commentator “Whoopsie”: Mandatory Shooting Instruction for Kids!

In another lame attempt to push the envelope in the gun conversation, NRA hipster-wannabe/commentator Billy Johnson released a video called “Everyone Gets a Gun,” in which he makes far-reaching and bizarre analogies between U.S. gun policy and education policy (think, what if we limited who has access to public education). But, no, Johnson doesn’t stop there, continuing down a long and winding road of nonsensical hypotheticals and theories that culminates in, you guessed it, mandatory shooting classes for schoolchildren.

“Just like we teach them reading and writing, necessary skills. We would teach shooting and firearm competency. It wouldn’t matter if a child’s parents weren’t good at it. We’d find them a mentor. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t want to learn. We would make it necessary to advance to the next grade.”

Yeah, he actually said that for realsies.

5) NRA Women Post Epic Twitter Fail

In August, a horrific tragedy occurred at a Las Vegas shooting range when a 9-year-old girl unintentionally shot and killed an instructor while attempting to fire an Uzi submachine gun. In what has to be THE tone-deaf moment of the year, two days later, NRA Women tweeted an article entitled “7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range.”

It takes a special kind of stupid to be this tone deaf when you’re not even hearing-impaired.


4) NRA Blames School shooting on…. wait for It… Gun Control!
When a disturbed young man used a gun to kill three students at University of California Santa Barbara, the NRA’s lobbyist-in-chief Chris Cox, went on the NRA’s highly unbiased (cough, cough) radio show Cam & Company and blamed none other than California’s strict gun laws.

“The blame needs to be placed on the politicians in California who time and time again their answer to these issues are more and more gun control laws.”

Because we all know that if every UCSB student had been carrying a gun, this tragedy would have been prevented… Right?! (stomps feet)… RIGHT?!

With the NRA, its solution is always “More guns” and that hasn’t worked out so well.

3) NRA Blocks GVP Leader on Twitter; Ignites Vicious Twitter Attack by Underbelly of NRA.

When the NRA (who is DEFINITELY NOT afraid of a bunch of moms) decided it was high time to block Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts on Twitter, she responded by Tweeting about it, which did not go over too well with some NRA supporters who themselves have been blocked by Watts. Shortly thereafter, the hashtag “ImBlockedByShannonWatts” started trending on Twitter, along with tweets that would make Ted Nugent blush.

A few examples:

And this is why Ms. Watts blocked this little feller.

Ms. Watts let them know that they aren’t the boss of her! She turned the tables on her attackers and began retweeting their vicious and vulgar tweets. #BA-BAM! That process brought attention to the misogynistic mindset of the NRA and their extremist supporters.

2) NRA Attempts to Discredit Moms Demand Action Founder, Succeeds in Discrediting All Moms, Everywhere

The September issue of the NRA’s magazine—America’s 1st Freedom—featured a glowing (not really) expose on Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in attempt to position her as a fraud rather than a formidable adversary. The image on the first page of the article depicted Watts as a 1950’s paper doll, complete with a skillet containing crinkle fries (what?), an iron (isn’t that what the dryer is for?), a feather duster (it’s a thingy people used to use to get dust off of furniture) and a spatula (to flip the crinkle fries, I guess)—you know, all the tools modern-day moms need to be successful at mothering.

Women across America swiftly came to her defense, launching a social media campaign that resulted a ton of bad press for the NRA. Not that it had a reputation to save with women, but this is just more proof the NRA has an antiquated view of women in modern-day America.

1) NRA Offends Extremist Supporters, Backtracks on Sensible Open Carry Comments.

Counting down to number one, my personal favorite, the Open Carry Walk Back That Got Walked Back.


In a rare moment of sanity, the NRA allowed one of its editorial writers to criticize the ever-growing practice of openly carrying guns in public—you know, the guys who feel compelled to throw a long gun across their back to shop for tighty-whities at Target? Yeah, those guys. Anyway, the writer went so far as to call this practice “downright weird and scary.” I can’t imagine why. But after a small contingent of open carry extremists threatened to cut up their coveted NRA cards, NRA lobbyist Chris Cox took to the airwaves to walk back this position.

“The National Rifle Association unapologetically and unflinchingly supports the right of self-defense and what that means is that our members and our supporters have a right to carry a firearm in any place they have a legal right to be. If that means open carry, we support open carry,” he said. The NRA “apologize [sic] again for any confusion that that post caused.”

Confusion, indeed. Pretty sure even the higher-ups at the NRA are afraid of these open-carry guys.

Big thanks to my pal out there who collected the information. She wrote most of this post, in fact. What I’m saying is, she did the work while I made a sammich.

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