The Seattle Police Department Just Threw Major Shade At Alex Jones


Alex Jones spent a good portion of his day on Friday running around the streets of Seattle yelling at people who told him to f*ck off then posted a video of a man who threw coffee on him. The only problem with that is the whole thing looked staged so we didn’t bother covering it on our site. “Vicious Leftists Attack Alex Jones with scalding coffee in Tolerant Seattle! See the video,” Jones tweeted. It was his ‘look at me, look at me’ moment.

So, today we’re going to post his dumb video because even the police aren’t buying it.

Jones is a despicable man who uses his site to sell bullshit dietary supplements with no scientific data. He’s admitted that he’s a ‘performance artist’ and his video clip above confirms that.

A BuzzFeed reporter tweeted, “Hey, @SeattlePD, I’m seeing vids of Alex Jones on Seattle streets yelling at folks. Is this under investigation, are there incident reports?”

The city’s police department threw some major shade at Jones.

“We haven’t received any official reports. As far as we know that could be an actor playing Alex Jones,” the police department tweeted in response.

Jones has been telling his listeners that the violent actions by Trump supporting Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia were perpetrated by “Jewish actors” and it was really a false flag. Three people died and dozens were injured so Jones, a favorite news source for Donald Trump, decided to profit from it.

“I mean, quite frankly, I’ve been to these events, a lot of the KKK guys with their hats off look like they’re from the cast of Seinfeld,” Jones said.

“Literally, they’re just Jewish actors,” he said. “Nothing against Jews in general, but they are leftist Jews that want to create this clash and they go dress up as Nazis.”

“It was clear once Trump got inaugurated, they were going to go for civil unrest,” Alex Jones said. “If you go back to the WikiLeaks, from over a year ago, the Democratic Party is sending emails to George Soros and back and forth at the highest levels of the Democratic Party saying, ‘We’re losing the public. Minorities are getting into the free market. We (Democrats) want to keep people in their mother’s basement as baristas.’

And none of that happened either.

We hope he dies alone, screaming into the night for comfort after calling the Sandy Hook massacre a ‘false flag.’ There, we said it.

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