The Twitter-Addicted President-Elect Says He Doesn’t Like Tweeting


In a Fox News interview scheduled to air Wednesday, President-Elect @RealDonaldTrump once again tears away at the very fabric of reality by stating he doesn’t like using Twitter:

Look, I don’t like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing.

I apologize if you were drinking something while reading that sentence. But clean off your screen, because there’s more. There’s a reason that the author of some 34,300 tweets, overcomes his disinclination towards Twitter:

But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And it’s my only way that I can counteract. When people make misstatements about me, I’m able to say it and call it out.

Setting aside the fact that none of these statements qualify as a full sentence, the idea that he’s on Twitter 24/7, is because he’s a whistleblower, keeping the fourth estate honest. It’s almost heroic, really. He’s a sort of truth vigilante, riding in a white horse, armed with nothing but the courage of his convictions and an iPhone…

The ‘Lone Tweeter’ rides again!

Take THAT, fake news. The “dishonest press” will never tell you that SNL isn’t funny. Only Donald J. is exposing that story.

Remember how the dishonest press kept insisting that Trump never met Ronald Reagan in a reception line?

I could go on (and on and on), but what’s the point? Every single human being on this planet knows that Trump loves to use Twitter. Every day, for any reason. Most especially if he discovers someone famous doesn’t like him. The fact that he can even suggest he doesn’t enjoy it is another slap in the face to observable reality.

But then so is nearly everything that Trump ever says. For instance, when he says, ” I have other things I could be doing.”

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