The Walls Are Closing In Around ‘Genius’ Trump As Investigators Now Looking At Ivanka Too


I’ll give Donald Trump credit for one thing: He sure doesn’t give up. That’s probably his greatest strength, and also the trait that will bring him down.

It’s clear that he’s gotten through his life by simply declaring things to be true, then acting as though that is the case. Watching him deal with the Mueller investigation, questions about his financial dealings, questions about his mental health, and perhaps most of all watching his name come down off buildings around the world in embarrassment and shame, he has tried very hard the entire time to do the same thing. He pretends like everything is fine, and expects everyone to pretend along with him. He actually believes he’s a genius.

For a normal human being, even one capable of the level of narcissism required to function this way, the tipping point would be when your kids were about to be brought down with you. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s a sociopath who likely also is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, so he may have already forgotten what it is to love your kids.

That’s not good for his protege, Ivanka: The fashion designer-turned-stateswoman currently finds herself in a boat next to her brother and her husband, and it is crowded with Russians.

It’s utterly unsurprising to find that Robert Mueller’s special counsel team are finally looking into contacts that Ivanka had with the Kremlin lawyer and other assorted high-profile Russians who attended a June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower to discuss trading the American presidency for the lifting of sanctions.

The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday morning that Mueller’s team has begun recalling witnesses from that infamous meeting, in addition to examining previously undisclosed contact that the president’s daughter had with Russian meeting participants. Ivanka herself did not attend the meeting, but did have personal contact that she told no one about with Natalia Veselnitskaya and a linked former KGB-turned-lobbyist named Rinat Akhmetshin, both of whose primary goal in meeting in Trump Tower was to persuade the incoming administration to rescind sanctions imposed under the Magnitsky Act — their singular effort in politics for years.

How will Trump respond to the news that his daughter is now under investigation?

Perhaps he already is.

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