The Westboro Baptist Church Got Trolled By The Foo Fighters And It Was Beautiful


Westboro Baptist Church, a cultish group that stages protests at military funerals and those of beloved celebrities, tried to picket the Foo Fighters again, a band who doesn’t get trolled, but instead dishes it out right back at the group.











On Friday, Foo Fighters performed at Kansas City’s Sprint Center, and things didn’t turn out the way the Westboro Baptists had hoped.

Our friends at Reverb Press offer the definition of ‘Rick rolled’: to be tricked into clicking a link of a Rick Astley video.

That’s exactly what happened to the hateful protesters.

Buzzfeed reports:

The WB protesters had gathered with their usual collection of hateful signs outside the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, when Dave and the other Foo Fighters came (Rick) rolling in on the back of a pickup.

They held up signs saying “You got Rick Roll’d (again)” and “Keep It Clean.”


The crowd cheered, drowning out the protest, then the band continued on their way.

In response, the Westboro Baptists tweeted, “Did @FooFighters just #rickroll us?,” then added a video with the Foo Fighters playing, with added words saying how much God hates America and gay people.

“God hates fags,’ the cult’s edited video says, while forgetting that God actually said ‘figs.’

The inevitable screeching from the Westboro Baptists could not be heard outside the concert. It’s like they weren’t even there.

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