There Was No Collusion With Russia And Donald Trump, Says Donald Trump. Case Closed!


Donald Trump seems a bit nervous about special counsel Robert Mueller investigating any potential collusion between his campaign and Russia. Republicans are ready to fight Mueller over the special counsel’s budget but they didn’t mind spending eleventy million dollars on the neverending Benghazi investigations. One brave warrior has stepped forward to clear Donald Trump without any proof and his name is Donald Trump.

“It is now commonly agreed, after many months of COSTLY looking, that there was NO collusion between Russia and Trump,” he tweeted. “Was collusion with HC!”

Impeach Hillary! That’s the ticket.

“Commonly agreed” doesn’t mean what Trump thinks it means.

We’re just going to sit back and watch the show while Mr. Mueller vets Trump’s twitter timeline. With each tweet, Trump looks even guiltier. Sad!

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Image via screen capture. 

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