There’s A HUGE Problem With Melania’s Letter Stating She Worked In U.S. Legally (TWEETS)


After revelations that Melania Trump may have worked illegally in the U.S., her lawyer released a letter Wednesday which she tweeted out.

The immigration lawyer claimed that there is “100% certainty” that she immigrated to the United States legally.

“I am pleased to enclose a letter from my immigration attorney which states that, with 100% certainty, I correctly went through the legal process when arriving in the USA,” Melania Trump tweeted.

In the letter, attorney Michael J. Wildes, wrote, “I can unequivocally state that these allegations are not supported by the record, and are therefore completely without merit,” in reference to a report from Politico in early August.

Talking Points Memo reports:

Wildes also disclosed in the letter that he previously represented Trump Model Management, which has faced its own questions about employing models without work visas. Former Trump models told Mother Jones in an August report that the agency knew they were working in the country without the proper documentation.

Trump did not release any other documents regarding her immigration status.

The letter:

There’s just one thing wrong with that, Mrs. Trump. The letter states that visas were issued to Melania between October 18, 1996 and 2001.

Josh Greenman of the Daily News noticed something odd about those dates and a modeling gig Mrs. Trump did.

“If the photo shoot didn’t occur until late 1996, how did it appear in print in January 1996?,” he asked in a tweet.

Greenman links to a New York Post article which features a naked Melania. Underneath the photo, it states, “Melania Trump in the January 1996 issue of Max Magazine.” Unless she’s a time traveler then there’s something fishy with his allegations that she worked her legally.

And then there’s this:

Donald has some explaining to do, too:

Trump modeling Management, a modeling agency in New York, has profited from using foreign models who came to the United States on tourist visas which did not allow them to work in the U.S. Three former Trump models who are not citizens of this country disclosed this information to Mother Jones.

Donald’s platform has been based on illegal immigration but if it’s benefited him, he’s cool with that. Hey Melania, please don’t sue me for quoting a tweet, ya’ big liar.

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