These 8 White Guys Survived Pointing Guns At Police Officers While Black Men Died

police officers 8 white guys who survive pointing guns

I had something different written for the introduction of this article. It was neutral and calm and thanked police officers out there, which again, I’ll do now. Thank you for your service and upholding justice the way justice SHOULD be upheld. Seriously, thank you.

But then I watched the video of Philando Castile dying. I watched a man die on video after being shot by a police officer he told he was carrying a concealed weapon and had a permit.

I’ve always tried to wait until all the facts come out to make a judgment. I really do. But, I’m not waiting this time. The video was all I needed to see, and I’m fucking sick of this shit.

For some reason, white men or women pointing a gun at officers seem to make it out of the situation alive way more often than black men do. If it’s not blatant intentional racism, then it’s some subconscious sentiment that exists in the minds of white Americans that the black man is a scary, dangerous animal, and it needs to fucking STOP right now. If you lock your car door while driving through a seedy neighborhood or when you see a black man walking in the grocery parking lot, go fuck yourself. That’s racism, and that’s fucked up, and that’s why we have this fucking problem.

So here are eight white guys (actually seven men, one woman) who had guns, brandished them at officers, and lived.

1. Joseph Houseman – Got Gun Back After Armed Standoff

Joseph Houseman, along with being extremely vulgar in public, was also armed with a loaded rifle which he was waving around in a Kalamazoo Dairy Queen parking lot. He was also suspected of being intoxicated. Alcohol and firearms are a fairly dangerous mixture.

When responding officers called for Houseman to put his rifle down to “talk,” he refused and told the cop he was “acting like a prick.” He also refused to give his real name.

After 40 long minutes of waving a deadly weapon around and insulting officers, he did put down his weapon. Unscathed, he apologized.

“I apologize. I have a bad attitude because we’re losing our rights.”

Officers DID confiscate his rifle since he refused a breathalyzer test. But, here’s the kicker. He was able to go to the police station the next day and claim it.

So, on top of being afforded the luxury of 40 minutes of being talked down, he got his gun back the next day.

2. Lance Tamayo – Pointed Gun At Children And Officers In Standoff

Not only were the lives of officers threatened in this hour-long standoff, but the lives of children were also threatened. Tamayo, a white guy, pointed a LOADED 9mm pistol at officers and children in a park in San Diego.

Children. Small children.

The cops response? Talk to the guy for an hour. For Christ’s sake… he aimed the gun at children. Tamir Rice was a fucking kid PLAYING with a fake gun and he was killed. He was black, though.

Tamayo was eventually shot by an officer in the stomach. With his gun within reach, know what the cops did? They called him on his cell phone to chat for 15 minutes to get him to surrender.

You’re fucking kidding me, right? How long was Alton Sterling given? How long of a chat did officers have with him? How about Tamir? How about Walter Scott? Hell, Walter Scott had his back turned running AWAY from an officer, and he was killed.

3. E. J. Walters – Road Rage With A Gun

Walters was already familiar with officers in Hawkins County. He was already free on bond for a previous road rage incident in which he was intoxicated. Sounds like a lovely guy, doesn’t it?

After following a man and a juvenile passenger to their property, he proceeded to get out of the vehicle with a pistol visibly tucked into his pants.

After leaving the property, Walters was seen by officers and pulled over. Walters was asked to leave his vehicle and after refusing, he was “physically removed” by the responding officers.

After restraining him, his loaded Smith & Wesson 10-7 model revolver was found under his seat.

4. Jesse Deflorio – Fired BB Gun At Officers

Jesse Deflorio, a 22-year-old New Hampshire man, was arrested for reckless conduct after firing a BB gun. Officers were making a traffic stop when Deflorio , who had already done this once before, began shooting at them with his BB gun.

The officers said they were able to determine the gun was MOST LIKELY a BB gun and “not a traditional firearm.”

You don’t say?

So, what was Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, charged with for walking around with a toy gun? Oh yea, he was shot and killed by Timothy Loehmann. He was charged with death.

5. Two Drunk White Guys Shoot BB Guns In Walmart

Two white guys get drunk. They go to Walmart. They decide to play with BB guns in the store. They shoot them up to four times and make comments they are going to shoot the store up. They even ask an employee if he wants to join them in the shooting spree. White guys were arrested with no incident and went to jail.

One black guy goes to a Walmart in Dayton, Ohio. He picks up a BB gun and while holding it and walking around talking on his cell phone, a shopper calls 911 and claims a black man possessed an AR-15 assault rifle and “looked like he was going to go violently.” John Crawford III, a black man, was shot and killed in the store.

There’s nothing I need to say to point out the absurdity here. Nothing.

6. White Guy Pulls Guns On Officers And No Shots Were Fired

This is a recent incident that happened in Pennsylvania. White guy, Jed Frazier drove his car off into a ditch. When police arrived and approached the vehicle, Frazier was going in and out of consciousnesses and refused to unlock his vehicle door. He then pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at police.

Let me emphasize this. He POINTED it at the officers. As in he directed the barrel towards the officers in a manner that would allow him to shoot and hit said officers.

Officers took cover and then tried to get Frazier to drop his firearm. When he wouldn’t, they went in and removed him from his vehicle and arrested him. No shots were fired. None. Whatsoever.

7. White Woman Dressed To Kill Lives After Pointing Gun At Police

Julia Childs, 45-year-old white woman, casually drove around her quiet Tennessee neighborhood holding a gun as if it were a cigarette from her car window.

Two people called officers and reported Childs drove up to their car, fired her gun into the vehicle, and damaged the radiator. Another report came she had shot at another car.

When police approached Shields in a church parking lot, she drove off and officers chased her while she still pointed her gun at other vehicles. She was eventually stopped, but she pointed her gun at an officer. She was arrested and taken into custody without incident or injury.


8. White Guy Points Gun At Phoenix Firefighters – Taken Into Custody Unharmed

In my opinion, dealing with the mentally ill when you’re a police officer requires much more training than what is probably given. So hearing that Steven Whitlock, a mentally disturbed white guy, made it out of an hour-long standoff with Phoenix firefighters who were performing a welfare check alive. I hope he was able to receive the mental health treatment he needed so badly.

However, let’s now talk about Kajieme Powell. Powell approached officers waving a knife around yelling, “Shoot me, kill me now.” Obviously, he was mentally disturbed. When he didn’t drop the knife at the orders of the officer, he was shot and killed by St. Louis police.

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