They Went There: Fox Contributor Blames Dallas Shootings On Black Lives Matter And Obama (VIDEO)

Who's to blame for the Dallas shootings? David Webb and his pals at Fox News have a theory...Which has nothing to do with racism and guns in America.

Who’s to blame for the Dallas shootings? David Webb and his pals at Fox News have a theory.

And no, of course David Webb’s theory has nothing to do with the toxic combination of racism and guns in America. Or the fact that just about anyone can buy military-grade weapons in this country. Or the fact that, since Texas is an open carry state, people can’t tell the difference between your average gun lover and a potential mass murderer.

David Webb on Fox: Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter create a “kill cops” environment.

Ellen Brodsky from Newshounds — which watches Fox News so we don’t have to — caught David Webb on Friday’s edition of Fox & Friends. With only the slightest bit of egging on from his hosts, he blamed murders of five Dallas cops on his fellow African Americans. These include President Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Black Lives Movement. Plus he threw in those libtard race traitors Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for good measure.

“What’s played out here is not just a tragedy, what happened last night, but what has fostered this environment. And we don’t know the exact motivations of these shooters right now …but we do know that an environment of anti-cop, hate cops, kill cops has been fostered by political leaders, by many in the media in positions of influence, supported by things like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Black Lives Matter, the CBC, the “hands up, don’t shoot” meme that has gone on since Ferguson.”

Well spoken, token. As Newshounds points out, Fox News does have “a history of using African American contributor David Webb to criticize other African Americans (presumably in a ridiculous effort to inoculate itself from charges of racism).” But wait. There’s more.

According to David Webb, when black people and their allies protest a system that allows police to terrorize communities of color and to execute innocent people with no fear of punishment, they’re creating a hostile environment.

“And we have to realize that that fosters an environment that either some within that area of activity or others will take advantage of it and peaceful protesters, they’re not the issue. It’s their right and I support it and bad shoots are issues to be dealt with but this was the worst of all kinds because with willful disregard, they targeted cops, as Rod Wheeler said, and then possibly could have injured so many more.”

And in case you’re totally dense and haven’t gotten the message, the text on the lower part of the screen blares “’IT WAS INEVITABLE.’ WEBB: BLACK LIVES MATTER WAS A DRIVING FORCE.”

David Webb: “The president has little or no credibility.”

Oh, but David Webb still hadn’t thrown out enough red meat for Fox’s audience of mean old white racists to gnash their teeth over. Fox “News” co-host Laura Childers (who is also a  a birther, as Newshounds takes care to point out) asks what he would like to hear from President Barack Obama.

Never one to miss a broad hint, David Webb took the bait and proceeded to first protest he doesn’t want to “get into politics” and then launch his political attack.

“I have to say that I don’t want to get too much into the politics of this but I have to be realistic, as many should, and realize that the president has little or no credibility when it comes to these issues. When it comes to what has come out of the Congressional Black Caucus, the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party, the president, Bernie Sanders, other major political leaders on the left – they have helped foster this environment and the president and his Department of Justice have also, under Eric Holder, now under the current attorney general, have actually helped foster this environment with their constant demeanor when it comes to dealing with these issues, honestly.”

David Webb says Obama lacks credibility? What about our sick and twisted system that makes it so damned easy for us to keep shooting each other?

WATCH: David Webb blames the Dallas police shootings on black Democrats, plus Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Featured image: Video screen grab/Fox & Friends.

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